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This program calculates the number of flushes in a number of deals of a poker hand. You can tell it to deal say 10,000 hands and see how many were flushes. This is basically my first Python program.

Cara-Pic v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable photo carousel with support for special effects, a variety of frame styles and includes a number of extra photo backdrops (backgrounds). Cara-Pic v1.0 provides an easy and convenient way...

Poker software is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with online gaming. By using this poker game software the webmasters can run a poker site with multiple players from ten to ten thousand players. This site can also enabled to accept...

I found an article by Guido a while ago describing a generic main method for most Python programs ( Since then I found myself copying the same code into most of my programs. This recipe...

.NET's interoperability with COM is the main theme discussed in this tutorial. The author describes how COM is good enough for component development. The difference between .NET and COM components are also discussed in this article.

The main objective of this article, "404 Not Found Redirection" is to create a custom 404 handler for ASP.Net site. Along with these details the author again explained about creating a lookup table which takes care about the page that...

The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the basics in building DSN Less connection string. This article further explains about the PWD, the Database, the UID, the Driver and the Server. The author also gives the guidelines to be...

The main objective of this online article is to teach the developers about placing the data on the server from Access database. On a web server, Active Server Pages helps to generate views of data. The author higlights that it is much easier that...

Using this class you can add a trivial main program to any Applet and run it directly, as well as from a browser or the appletviewer.

The main purpose of calendars are for displaying the event schedule. The author in his article narrates about the creation of a calendar application which mainly deals with event scheduling and displaying. This calendar works by looping through...

Main features: Users can submit ads with photos and multimedia files; powerful search abilities; privacy mail; optional moderating of ads by admin before posting; custom categories and ad fields; powerful admin web interface.

The main objective of this online article is to build a .NET application, which helps the programmers to find Amazon catalogs by using Amazon Web Service. The author tells about the installation process. In this article all the useful features of...

The main objective of this online tutorial is to prove that by configuring a DSN Less connection is the best way to access database from ASP or VB. The author proves this by showing the task of a DSN Less connection to connect with an Access...

The main theme of this online article deals with XML configuration files and section handler. The author describes about the configuration files divided into sections. With the help of .NET section handler or by generating user's own section...

The main objective of this online tutorial is to clarify all the doubts regarding databases and general category. All FAQs posted by the clients are answered by the author in the form of questions and answers. Most of the common FAQs are displayed...

Package of games including Poker, BlackJack, Memory, Hangman, and In Between intended to keep visitors on your site. Members receive an amount of credits and earn more by playing games, viewing pages, clicking banners, and more. Rewards are set by...

The main function of this script is, it checks what type of browser is used by the users. At first it will check for microsoft internet explorer if not found it will check for netscape navigator browser and if the browser is none of the above...

The main highlight of this tutorial is about the usage of classic COM components in .NET code and .NET components in classic COM components. The author starts with the process of writing and compiling the managed code and then creating a type...

Cookies are the main components to store user specific information in the web applications in ASP.NET. The author gives out the sample code about how to create cookies in ASP.NET. This article is much useful for the beginners to understand about...

The main objective of this online article is to show the usage of few created functions in SQL. The author explains the webmasters mainly about the implementation of Alter and Drop functions in SQL. This article demonstrates how to generate a...


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